I've decided to start switching over to the new infoboxes, starting with the country infobox. Here is the template for the country pages:


|name =

|flag =

|motto =

|anthem =

|capital =

|bigcity =

|language =

|demonym =

|govt =

|area =

|population =

|currency =


(Replace slashes with curly brackets { } and single-space the lines)

And here is an example of how to format it:


|name = Name

|flag = Name Flag Small.png

|motto = Motto

|anthem = Anthem

|capital = Capital

|bigcity = Largest City

|language = Language

|demonym = Demonym

|govt = Government

|area = Area

|population = Population

|currency = Currency


NOTES: Do not add formatting to the name. Do not use the File:Name Flag Small format for the flag. Do not add italics to the motto or anthem, or links to the anthem, capital, or largest city. Do not add "km2" to the area figure. These are all included in the template.

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