he Zerstörer 1936A-class destroyers, or Narvik-class destroyers as they were known to the Allies, were a class of German destroyers of the Second World War. In common with other German destroyers launched after the start of World War II, the Narviks were unnamed, known only by their hull numbers - Z23 to Z39.

Unit RunEdit

  • KMS Z23
  • KMS Z24
  • KMS Z25
  • KMS Z26
  • KMS Z27
  • KMS Z28
  • KMS Z29
  • KMS Z30
  • KMS Z31
  • KMS Z32
  • KMS Z33
  • KMS Z34
  • KMS Z35
  • KMS Z36
  • KMS Z38
  • KMS Z39

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