The Turbine-class destroyer was a class of destroyers built for the Italian Regia Marina in the late 1920s. They were essentially larger versions of the earlier Sella-class destroyers. Six of the eight ships of the class were lost during World War II.

Unit RunEdit

  • RM Turbine - commissioned August 27th, 1927
  • RM Borea - commissioned November 14th, 1927; sunk September 17th, 1940
  • RM Nembo - commissioned November 14th, 1927; sunk July 20th, 1940
  • RM Aquilone - commissioned December 3rd, 1927; sunk September 17th, 1940
  • RM Euro - commissioned December 22nd, 1927
  • RM Espero - commissioned April 30th, 1928; sunk June 28th, 1940
  • RM Zeffiro - commissioned May 15th, 1928; sunk July 5th, 1940
  • RM Ostro commissioned June 9th, 1928; sunk July 20th, 1940

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