HMS Thunderbolt

British submarine HMS Thunderbolt stationary in harbour after a patrol. Crew members on deck.

The T-class (or Triton-class) of diesel-electric submarines was designed in the 1930s to replace the O, P, and R classes. Fifty-three members of the class were built just before and during the Second World War, where they played a major role in the Royal Navy's submarine operations. Four boats in service with the Royal Netherlands Navy were known as the Zwaardvisch-class.

In the decade following the war, the oldest surviving boats were scrapped and the remainder converted to anti-submarine vessels to counter the perceived growing American submarine threat. The Royal Navy disposed of its last operational boat in 1969, although it retained one permanently moored as a static training submarine until 1974. The last surviving boat, serving in the Israel Sea Corps, was scrapped in 1977.

Unit RunEdit

Royal NavyEdit

  • HMS Thorn (N11)
  • HMS Triton (N15)
  • HMS Tarpon (N17)
  • HMS Triumph (N18)
  • HMS Thunderbolt (N20)
  • HMS Thistle (N24)
  • HMS Thetis (N25)
  • HMS Thrasher (N37)
  • HMS Taku (N38)
  • HMS Trusty (N45)
  • HMS Traveller (N48)
  • HMS Trident (N52)
  • HMS Triad (N53)
  • HMS Tigris (N63)
  • HMS Truant (N68)
  • HMS Tribune (N76)
  • HMS Tetrarch (N77)
  • HMS Talisman (N78)
  • HMS Torbay (N79)
  • HMS Tempest (N86)
  • HMS Trooper (N91)
  • HMS Tuna (N94)
  • HMS Turbulent (N98)
  • HMS Tutankhamen
  • HMS Trespasser
  • HMS Taurus - transferred to Netherlands in 1948, renamed HNLMS Dolfijn.
  • HMS Tactician
  • HMS Truculent
  • HMS Templar
  • HMS Tally-Ho - sold to Italy, renamed RM Enrico Tazzoli
  • HMS Tantalus - sold to Italy, renamed RM Leonardo da Vinci
  • HMS Tantivy
  • HMS Telemachus
  • HMS Talent - transferred to Netherlands in 1943, renamed HNLMS Zwaardvisch.
  • HMS Terrapin
  • HMS Thorough
  • HMS Thule
  • HMS Tudor
  • HMS Tireless
  • HMS Token
  • HMS Tradewind
  • HMS Trenchant
  • HMS Tiptoe
  • HMS Trump
  • HMS Taciturn
  • HMS Tapir - transferred to Netherlands in 1948, renamed HNLMS Zeehond.
  • HMS Tarn - transferred to Netherlands in 1945, renamed HNLMS Tijgerhaai
  • HMS Tasman
  • HMS Teredo
  • HMS Tabard - transferred to West Japan, renamed RJS Kuroshio (SS-501)
  • HMS Totem - transferred to Israel in 1965, renamed INS Dakar
  • HMS Truncheon - transferred to Israel in 1968, renamed INS Dolphin
  • HMS Turpin - transferred to Israel in 1967, renamed INS Leviathan
  • HMS Thermopylae
  • HMS Thor
  • HMS Tiara
  • HMS Theben
  • HMS Talent
  • HMS Threat

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