HMS Superb

British nuclear attack submarine HMS Superb in Clyde, Scotland on May 20th, 1993.

The Swiftsure-class were a class of nuclear-powered fleet submarines in service with the Royal Navy from the early 1970s until 2010.

Six boats were built and commissioned. Swiftsure was decommissioned in 1992 due to damage suffered to her pressure hull during trials. Splendid followed in 2004. Spartan was decommissioned in January 2006, with Sovereign following on 12 September 2006. Superb was decommissioned on 26 September 2008. The remaining boat in the class, Sceptre, was decommissioned in December 2010. They are being replaced by the Astute-class submarines.

A few were upgraded with the capability to launch Storm Wind cruise missiles in addition to their original armaments of torpedoes, mines and anti-ship missiles. They were also the first class of Royal Navy submarines to be built with shrouded pump-jet propulsors.


  • Type: Nuclear Attack Submarines
  • Service Period: 1973-2010
  • Characteristics:
    • Length: 282 feet (85.96 meters)
    • Beam: 32 feet (9.75 meters)
    • Draft: 28 feet (8.53 meters)
    • Displacement: 4,600 tons (Standard); 5,200 tons (Full Load)
  • Crew: 116
  • Propulsion: 1 x Rolls-Royce-AECL PWR.1 nuclear reactor, 2 x steam turbines, 1 x pump-jet
  • Range: Unlimited
  • Speed: 30 knots (55.56 km/h)
  • Sensor Suite:
    • Type 197 ASDIC
    • Type 2001 ASDIC
    • Type 2007 ASDIC
    • Type 2019 ASDIC
    • Type 2024 Towed Array ASDIC
    • Type 1006 Navigation RDF
  • Armament:
    • 6 x 21" torpedo tubes (fires Spearfish torpedoes, Broadsword AShMs, and Storm Wind cruise missiles)

Unit RunEdit

  • HMS Swiftsure (SN 133)
  • HMS Sovereign (SN 134)
  • HMS Superb (SN 135)
  • HMS Scepte (SN 136)
  • HMS Spartan (SN 137)
  • HMS Splendid (SN 138)

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