SA Navy Badge

The badge of the South African Navy.

The South African Navy (SAN) is the navy of the South African National Defence Force. The role of the navy is to prepare for and to conduct naval operations in defence of the Republic of South Africa, its citizens and interests, and to carry out peacetime operations in support of other national objectives.

Other tasks include the maintenance, preservation and the provision of naval services in support of other state departments and authorities, including search and rescue, protection of maritime resources, and diplomatic sea transport support.

List of VesselsEdit

  • Valour-class frigate (5)
    • SAS Amatola (F145)
    • SAS Isandlwana (F146)
    • SAS Spioenkop (F147)
    • SAS Mendi (F148)
    • SAS Otavi (F149)
  • A69-class corvette (2)
    • SAS Good Hope (F601)
    • SAS Transvaal (F602)
  • Warrior-class Strike Craft (9)
    • SAS Jan Smuts (P1561)
    • SAS Shaka (P1562)
    • SAS Adam Kok (P1563)
    • SAS Sekhukhuni (P1564)
    • SAS Frederic Creswell (P1565)
    • SAS René Sethren (P1566)
    • SAS Desmond Tutu (P1567)
    • SAS Job Masego (P1568)
    • SAS Makhanda (P1569)
  • Agosta-class submarine (2)
    • SAS Adventurous (S99)
    • SAS Astrant (S100)
  • Herione-class submarine (3)
    • SAS Manthatisi (S101)
    • SAS Charlotte Maxeke (S102)
    • SAS Queen Modjadji I (S103)
  • Hecla-class Hydrographic Survey Vessel (1)
    • SAS Protea (A324)
  • Drakensberg-class replenishment oiler (3)
    • SAS Drakensberg (A301)
    • SAS Roggeveld (A302)
    • SAS Kalahari (A303)
  • Outeniqua-class Tanker (1)
    • SAS Outeniqua (A304)
  • River-class Mine Countermeasures Vessel (4)
    • SAS Umkomaas (M1211)
    • SAS Umhloti (M1212)
    • SAS Umgeni (M1213)
    • SAS Umzimkulu (M1214)
  • Namacurra-class Harbor Patrol Boat (30)
    • SAS Y1501
    • SAS Y1502
    • SAS Y1503
    • SAS Y1504
    • SAS Y1505
    • SAS Y1506
    • SAS Y1507
    • SAS Y1508
    • SAS Y1509
    • SAS Y1510
    • SAS Y1511
    • SAS Y1512
    • SAS Y1513
    • SAS Y1514
    • SAS Y1515
    • SAS Y1516
    • SAS Y1517
    • SAS Y1518
    • SAS Y1519
    • SAS Y1520
    • SAS Y1521
    • SAS Y1522
    • SAS Y1523
    • SAS Y1524
    • SAS Y1525
    • SAS Y1526
    • SAS Y1527
    • SAS Y1528
    • SAS Y1529
    • SAS Y1530
  • T-class Patrol Craft (3)
    • SAS Tobie (P1552)
    • SAS Tern (P1553)
    • SAS Tekwane (P1554)

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