Socialist Republic of Quebec
Socialist Quebec Flag Small
Motto Je me souviens
Anthem L'Internationale
Capital Quebec City
Largest City Montreal (claimed)

Quebec City (controlled)

Language French
Demonym Québécois(e)
Government Marxist-Leninist Republic
Area 1,542,056 km2 (claimed)
Population 3,331,882 (claimed)
Currency Canadian Dollar, American Dollar

The Socialist Republic of Quebec (French: République socialiste de Québec) was a short-lived, unrecognized communist state established in the Canadian province of Quebec in March of 1941. The Communist Party of Quebec and other local socialist and communist organizations, supplied by the Union of American People's Republics, took over Quebec City and surrounding areas on March 18, 1941 and declared independence as the Socialist Republic of Quebec. The execution of Cardinal Jean-Marie-Rodrigue Villeneuve by communist forces turned public opinion against the Socialist Republic, and the Canadian government regained control of Quebec entirely by March 29.

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