Chechnya Flag Small
Motto Joƶalla ya Mars̈o
Anthem Joƶalla ya Mars̈o
Capital and Largest City Grozny
Language Chechen
Demonym Chechen
Government Republic
  • President: Aslan Maskhadov
Area 20,300 km²
Population ~2,500,000
Currency Soviet ruble, Chechen nahar

The Republic of Chechnya (Chechen Latin: Pac̈ẋalq Noxc̈iyc̈ó, Chechen Cyrillic: Пачхьалкх Нохчийчоь; Russian: Республика Ичкерия) is an unrecognized state in the area claimed by the Soviet Union as the Chechen-Ingush ASSR which has been de facto independent since 1991. The Republic fought a devastating war against the Soviet military from 1994 to 2009, since which Soviet troops have been withdrawn. Fighting continues against the Soviet Union in nearby Dagestan, Ossetia and Georgia as part of the larger Caucasus Insurgency, though recently, the USSR has offered negotiations which are privately supported by the Allied Pact as a means to ensure stability in the region. Aslan Maskhadov has been the President of Chechnya since 1997.

All official diplomatic relations of Chechnya are with other unrecognized Caucasian states. The Republic of Azerbaijan has recognized Chechnya since 1991; the Republics of Georgia and Armenia since 1993; the Republic of Dagestan since 1999; and the Republic of Ossetia since 2009.

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