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Ensign of the Regia Marina

The emblem of the Regia Marina.

The Regia Marina (RM; English: Royal Navy) is the navy of the Kingdom of Italy. It is one of the four branches of the Italian Armed Forces. It dates from the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861 after Italian unification, and was reformed in 1949 after World War II.


Today's Regia Marina is a modern navy with ships of every type. The fleet is in continuous evolution; the Regia Marina is now equipping herself with new destroyers, submarines and multipurpose frigates. In modern times, the Regia Marina, being a member of the Allied Pact, has taken part in many coalition peacekeeping operations. The Regia Marina maintains the San Marco Regiment, which serves as the marines of the Italian navy.

Ships operated by the Regia Marina include:


  • Giuseppe Garibaldi-class Aircraft Carrier
  • Cavour-class Aircraft Carrier
  • San Giorgio-class Amphibious Transport Dock (3)
    • RM San Giorgio (L9892)
    • RM San Marco (L9893)
    • RM San Giusto (L9894)
  • Durand de la Penne-class Destroyer (4)
    • RM Luigi Durand de la Penne (DM 560)
    • RM Francesco Mimbelli (DM 561)
    • RM Giuseppe Fioravanzo (DM 562)
    • RM Junio Valerio Borghese (DM 563)
  • Doria-class Guided Missile Destroyer (4)
    • RM Andrea Doria (DM 553)
    • RM Caio Duilio (DM 554)
    • RM Arturo Riccardi (DM 555)
    • RM Angelo Iachino (DM 556)
  • Maestrale-class Frigate (12)
    • RM Maestrale (F570)
    • RM Grecale (F571)
    • RM Libeccio (F572)
    • RM Scirocco (F573)
    • RM Aliseo (F574)
    • RM Euro (F575)
    • RM Espero F576)
    • RM Zeffiro (F577)
    • RM Tramontane (F578)
    • RM Levante (F579)
    • RM Ostro (F580)
    • RM Poniente (F581)
  • Artigliere-class Frigates (6)
  • Bergamini-class Frigates (6, 12 UC)
    • RM Carlo Bergamini (F590)
    • RM Virginio Fasan (F591)
    • RM Carlo Margottini (F592)
    • RM Vittorio Cuniberti (F593)
    • RM Giuseppe Aonzo (F594)
    • RM Luigi Rizzo (F595)
    • RM Raffaele Rossetti (F596) - on sea trials
    • RM Vittorio Cuniberti (F597) - on sea trials
    • RM Enrico Millo (F598) - on sea trials
    • RM Teseo Tesei (F599) - fitting out
    • RM Francesco Caracciolo (F600) - fitting out
    • RM Cristoforo Colombo (F601) - fitting out
    • RM Giulio Cesare (F602) - under construction
    • RM Francesco Morosini (F603) - under construction
    • RM Bruno Branciforte (F604) - under construction
    • RM Inigo Campioni (F605) - under construction
    • RM Alberto Da Zara (F606) - under construction
    • RM Domenico Cavagnari (F607) - under construction
  • Minerva-class Corvette (12)
    • RM Minerva (F551)
    • RM Urania (F552)
    • RM Danaide (F553)
    • RM Sfinge (F554)
    • RM Driade (F555)
    • RM Chimera (F556)
    • RM Fenice (F557)
    • RM Sibilla (F558)
    • RM Unnamed (F559)
    • RM Unnamed (F560)
    • RM Unnamed (F561)
    • RM Unnamed (F562)
    • RM Unnamed (F563)
    • RM Unnamed (F564)
    • RM Unnamed (F565)
    • RM Unnamed (F566)
  • Sauro-class Submarines (8)
    • RM Nazario Sauro (S518)
    • RM Carlo Fecia di Cossato (S519)
    • RM Leonardo Da Vinci (S520)
    • RM Guglielmo Marconi (S521)
    • RM Salvatore Pelosi (S522)
    • RM Giuliano Prini (S523)
    • RM Primo Longobardo (S524)
    • RM Gianfranco Gazzana Priaroggia (S525)
  • Salvatore Todaro-class (Type 212) Submarines
    • RM Salvatore Todaro (S526)
    • RM Scire (S527)
    • RM Pietro Venuti (S528) - under construction
    • RM Romeo Romei (S529) - under construction
    • RM Marcantonio Colonna (S530) - under construction
    • RM Dante Alighieri (S531) - under construction
  • Stromboli-class Fleet Replenishment Oilers
    • RM Stromboli (A5327)
    • RM Avernus (A5328)
    • RM Vesuvio (A5329)
  • Panarea-class Gasoline Tankers
    • RM Panarea (A5370)
    • RM Linosa (A5371)
    • RM Favignana (A5372)
    • RM Salina (A5373)
  • Gorgona-class Coastal Cargo Ships
    • RM Gorgona (A5347)
    • RM Tremiti (A5348)
    • RM Caprera (A5349)
    • RM Pantelleria (A 5351)
    • RM Lipari (A5352)
    • RM Capri (A5353)
  • Raffaele Rossetti-class Weapons Test Ships
    • RM Raffaele Rossetti (A5315)
  • Etna-class Fleet Replenishment Oilers
    • RM Etna (A5326)
  • Aretusa-class Coastal Survey Vessels
    • RM Aretusa (A5304)
    • RM Galatea (A5305)
  • Electra-class Hydrographic Survey Vessels
    • RM Electra (A5340)
  • Lerici-class Minesweepers
    • RM Lerici (M-5550)
    • RM Sapri (M-5551)
    • RM Milazzo (M-5552)
    • RM Vieste (M-5553)
  • Gaeta-class Minesweepers
    • RM Gaeta (M-5554)
    • RM Termoli (M-5555)
    • RM Alghero (M-5556)
    • RM Numana (M-5557)
    • RM Crotone (M-5558)
    • RM Viareggio (M-5559)
    • RM Chioggia (M-5560)
    • RM Rimini (M-5561)
  • Cassiopea-class Patrol Vessels
    • RM Cassiopea (P401)
    • RM Libra (P402)
    • RM Spica (P403)
    • RM Vega (P404)
    • RM Auriga (P405)
    • RM Regolo (P406)
    • RM Delfino (P407)
    • RM Pavone (P408)
  • Esploratore-class Coastal Patrol Vessels
    • RM Esploratore (P405)
    • RM Sentinella (P406)
    • RM Vedetta (P407)
    • RM Staffetta (P408)
    • Unnamed
    • Unnamed
    • Unnamed
    • Unnamed
  • Comandante-class Patrol Vessels
    • RM Comandante Cigala Fulgosi (P490)
    • RM Comandante Borsini (P491)
    • RM Comandante Bettica (P492)
    • RM Comandante Foscari (P493)
    • Unnamed
    • Unnamed
    • Unnamed
    • Unnamed
  • Sirio-class Patrol Vessels
    • RM Sirio (P409)
    • RM Orione (P410)
    • RM Rigel (P411)
    • RM Altair (P412)

Future PlansEdit

  • An ARS (USSP) - about 10.000 t, 127 m length, 23 m width, 18 kts max speed, 6.000 nm range, 80 crew with accommodation for 180, hangar for 2 helicopters NH90/AW101, DVRS 650 - rescue and command ship for submarines (Auxiliary Rescue Ship / Nave Appoggio Incursori), with hydrographic and arctic capability, is scheduled for commissioning in 2018, financed since 2013 with initial 5 million Euro in budget, on about 300 million Euro, total cost.
  • Three improved squadron replenishment ships (Logistic Support Ship, 23,000 ton, double hull, hangar for 2 x AW101, crew 80, 300 million Euros) to replace Stromboli and Vesuvio, in about 2018. Already financed in 2014.
  • Fourteen new PPA (Pattugliatore Polivalente d'Altura, previously defined MSS Maritime Security Ships or UPAD) to replace Cassiopea & Minerva classes (4,500/5,500-ton, 136 m length, 16,5 m width x 10,5 m, 1 x OTO Melara 127/64 mm Vulcano, hangar for 2 helos NH-90 or 1 AW-101, accommodation for 200, 25 kts cruiser speed (diesels only), 35 kts max speed with TAG & diesel engines (WAP), range 5,000 miles to 15 kts, 2/3 RHIBS or special forces boats up to 15 m, 25 x 15 x 5 m internal area for UAV, UUV or other modular systems (MHC, rescue & relief, emergency hospital, etc.): in service from 2017, one per year. First three will be "Light" version, fitted for but not with missiles. 4 of 10 PPA (beginning since the fourth) will be fitted as frigate, to replace Soldati & De la Penne classes, with 16 VLS A70 for Aster 15, Aster 30 & Scalp Navale cruise missiles; 8 x Teseo missiles (ASuW and land attack); 2 x MU-90s torpedo launchers, MFRA AESA 4 fixed flats radar. First 6 PPA financed by 2014, with six more in option.
  • Four advanced vessels for special forces use: about 60/70 m length and 60/70 kts max speed, already financed in 2014.
  • Two 20,000-ton amphibious assault ships (LHD), which will start replacing two of the San Giorgio-class LPDs from 2018/2020; 190 m length, 5 spot for helos, 25 kts max speed, 100 crew + 100 staff command + 800 landing force, 2 x 76/62 mm Strales + air defence system with Aster 15 missiles. The stern floodable dock will can accommodate four LCM or one LCAC; financed by 2014.
  • Twenty COV Cacciamine Oceanico Veloce (OPV/MHC), to replace Comandanti, Sirio & Gaeta classes.
  • Another four Type 212 submarines to replace Sauro IV-class.
  • Further Further AW-101 helicopters.
  • A new 65-70k ton CATOBAR aircraft carrier to replace the aging RM Giuseppe Garibaldi is planned with the possibility of building up to two.

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