Several Canadian ships docked at RCNB Esquimalt in July 2005.

RCNB Esquimalt is the primary base of operations for the Royal Canadian Navy on the west coast of Canada. Due to its proximity to the Canada-UAPR Border, a new base is being planned for construction at Port Hardy. RCNB Esquimalt is home to aircraft carriers Warrior and Magnificent as well as the Nanook-class cruiser HMCS Thunderbird.

List of ships at RCNB EsquimaltEdit

  • HMCS Magnificent (NR C04)
  • HMCS Warrior (R C03)
  • HMCS Thunderbird (CM C09)
  • HMCS Haida (DM C281)
  • HMCS Nootka (DM C282)
  • HMCS Salish (DM C284)
  • HMCS Gitxsan (DM C285)
  • HMCS Victoria (FM C332)
  • HMCS Edmonton (FM C333)
  • HMCS Regina (FM C336)
  • HMCS Winnipeg (FM C337)
  • HMCS Whitehorse (FM C339)
  • HMCS Yellowknife (FM C340)
  • HMCS Okanagan (SN C02)
  • HMCS Oregon (SN C06)
  • HMCS Oceanic (SN C07)

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