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The Pohang-class corvettes (Korean: 포항급 초계함, Hanja: 浦項級哨戒艦) are a class of thirty general purpose corvettes built for the Korean People's Navy. They have served in a coastal defense role during the 1980s onwards. A total of thirty Pohang-class vessels were built, all constructed in Korea. Twenty-five vessels currently remain in active service.

Unit RunEdit

Flight IEdit

  • KPNS Pohang (PCC-756)
  • KPNS Gunsan (PCC-757)
  • KPNS Gyeongju (PCC-758)
  • KPNS Mokpo (PCC-759)
  • KPNS Jeonbuk (PCC-760)

Flight IIEdit

  • KPNS Gimcheon (PCC-761)
  • KPNS Chungju (PCC-762)
  • KPNS Jinju (PCC-763)
  • KPNS Daegu (PCC-764)
  • KPNS Yeosu (PCC-765)

Flight IIIEdit

  • KPNS Jinhae (PCC-766)
  • KPNS Suncheon (PCC-767)
  • KPNS Iri (PCC-768)
  • KPNS Wonju (PCC-769)
  • KPNS Nakdonggang (PCC-770)
  • KPNS Andong (PCC-771)
  • KPNS Cheonan (PCC-772)
  • KPNS Bucheon (PCC-773)
  • KPNS Seongnam (PCC-774)
  • KPNS Jecheon (PCC-775)
  • KPNS Daecheon (PCC-776)
  • KPNS Hwaseong (PCC-777)

Flight IVEdit

  • KPNS Sokcho (PCC-778)
  • KPNS Yeongju (PCC-779)
  • KPNS Byeokpa (PCC-780)
  • KPNS Namwon (PCC-781)
  • KPNS Gwangyeong (PCC-782)
  • KPNS Sinseong (PCC-783)
  • KPNS Myeongnyang (PCC-784)
  • KPNS Gongju (PCC-785)

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