Mitsubishi F-2

A Mitsubishi F-2 preparing to take off for a routine patrol mission.

The Mitsubishi F-2 Reppū (Gale) is a twin-engine multirole fighter in service in the Republic of Japan Air Force from 2003 onwards. It was designed and built to replace the aging early model F-1s. The F-2 has two engines that generate 15,600 lbs of thrust dry and 22,400 lbs of thrust on the afterburners. It also has sixteen hardpoints and can carry 18,000 pounds of munitions.
The Mitsubishi F-2 in AAOverse is based on the orginal concept for the FS-X program instead of the OTL version which is a modernized F-16 Agile Falcon.


  • 3 Squadron
  • 6 Squadron
  • 8 Squadron
  • 21 Squadron
  • 42 Squadron
  • 201 Squadron
  • 203 Squadron
  • 204 Squadron
  • 301 Squadron
  • 302 Squadron
  • 303 Squadron
  • 304 Squadron
  • 305 Squadron
  • 306 Squadron

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