A Malta-class aircraft carrier at sea.

The Malta-class aircraft carriers were a class of four large fleet aircraft carriers in service with the Royal Navy from 1946. Originally planned as a class of ten ships, the Maltas were intended to serve as a replacement for the Implacable-class. Incorporating lessons learned since 1941, they proved more expensive and less versatile than their predecessors, and only four Maltas were completed before the end of World War II when the remaining six were cancelled. The Malta-class was 968 feet (295.05 meters) in length and had a beam of 113 feet (34.44 meters). The last Malta-class carrier was decommissioned in 1994.[1]

Unit RunEdit

  • HMS Malta (R47)
  • HMS Gibraltar (R48)
  • HMS New Zealand (R49)
  • HMS Africa (R50)
  • HMS Commonwealth (R51) - cancelled
  • HMS Hindustan (R52) - cancelled
  • HMS Dominion (R53) - cancelled
  • HMS Britannia (R54) - cancelled
  • HMS Hibernia (R55) - cancelled
  • HMS Caledonia (R56) - cancelled


  1. Intermission #5

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