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This a list of independent countries by population. Areas that form integral parts of sovereign states, such as the countries of the British Empire, are counted as part of the sovereign states concerned. Not included are other entities that are not sovereign states.

Figures used in this chart are based on the most recent estimate or projections by the national census authority where available, and are usually rounded off. Where updated national data are not available, figures are based on the 2012 estimates by the Population Division of the League of Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Because the compiled figures are not collected at the same time in every country, or at the same level of accuracy, the resulting numerical comparisons may create misleading conclusions. Furthermore, the addition of figures from all countries may not equal the world total.


Rank Country Population %
1Britain Flag SmallBritish Empire1,202,902,33420.8%
2PRC Flag SmallChina, People's Republic of523,679,3109.0%
3ROC Flag SmallChina, Republic of510,228,2448.8%
4Indonesia Flag SmallIndonesia237,424,3634.1%
5Soviet Flag SmallSoviet Union227,535,1713.9%
6UAPR Flag SmallAmerica226,545,8053.9%
7Brazil Flag SmallBrazil193,946,8863.4%
8Mexico Flag SmallMexico112,336,5381.9%
9Germany Flag SmallGermany101,743,3951.8%
10Vietnam Flag SmallVietnam99,426,8001.7%
11Philippines Flag SmallPhilippines92,337,8521.6%
12Ethiopia Flag SmallEthiopia91,195,6751.6%
13Iran Flag SmallIran77,356,6691.3%
14Egypt Flag SmallEgypt76,699,4271.3%
15Turkey Flag SmallTurkey75,627,3841.3%
16Zaire Flag SmallZaire75,507,3081.3%
17Korea Flag SmallKorea74,558,4411.3%
18Canada Flag SmallCanada71,785,4001.2%
19Thailand Flag SmallThailand66,720,1531.2%
20France Flag SmallFrance65,350,0001.1%
21Italy Flag SmallItaly60,820,6961.1%
22East Japan Flag SmallJapan, People's Republic of59,989,3181.0%
23Manchuria Flag SmallManchuria58,063,0921.0%
24South Africa Flag SmallSouth Africa52,062,4270.9%
25Poland Flag SmallPoland51,205,8000.9%
26West Japan Flag SmallJapan, Republic of48,617,9680.8%
27Colombia Flag SmallColombia47,425,4370.8%
28Spain Flag SmallSpain47,265,3210.8%
29Afghanistan Flag SmallAfghanistan41,373,7420.7%
30Argentina Flag SmallArgentina40,117,0960.7%
31Algeria Flag SmallAlgeria38,700,0000.7%
32Australia Flag SmallAustralia35,889,3860.6%
33Ukraine Flag SmallUkraine34,857,0880.6%
34Morocco Flag SmallMorocco32,878,4000.6%
35Iraq Flag SmallIraq31,129,2250.5%
36Arabia Flag SmallArabia29,195,8950.5%
37Venezuela Flag SmallVenezuela28,946,1010.5%
38Peru Flag SmallPeru28,220,7640.5%
39Nepal Flag SmallNepal26,494,5040.5%
40Romania Flag SmallRomania26,384,3040.5%
41Mozambique Flag SmallMozambique23,929,7080.4%
42Yemen Flag SmallYemen23,102,0000.4%
43Netherlands Flag SmallNetherlands22,955,2360.4%
44Syria Flag SmallSyria22,530,7460.4%
45Ivory Coast Flag SmallIvory Coast22,400,8350.4%
46Madagascar Flag SmallMadagascar22,005,2220.4%
47Cambodia Flag SmallCambodia20,223,3670.4%
48Cameroun Flag SmallCameroun19,489,5000.3%
49Angola Flag SmallAngola18,498,0000.3%
50Chile Flag SmallChile17,402,6300.3%
51Niger Flag SmallNiger17,138,7070.3%
52Burkina Faso Flag SmallBurkina Faso15,730,9770.3%
53Guatemala Flag SmallGuatemala15,438,3840.3%
54Ecuador Flag SmallEcuador15,223,6800.3%
55Mali Flag SmallMali14,517,1760.3%
56Portugal Flag SmallPortugal14,122,4160.2%
57Belgium Flag SmallBelgium13,801,5830.2%
58Senegal Flag SmallSenegal13,567,3380.2%
59Shinjang Flag SmallShinjang13,067,1860.2%
60Cuba Flag SmallCuba12,151,1440.2%
61Ruanda Flag SmallRuanda12,012,5890.2%
62Mongolia Flag SmallMongolia11,450,0000.2%
63Hungary Flag SmallHungary10,936,2000.2%
64Greece Flag SmallGreece10,815,1970.2%
65Tunisia Flag SmallTunisia10,777,5000.2%
66Bolivia Flag SmallBolivia10,556,1020.2%
67Czechia Flag SmallCzechia10,513,2090.2%
68Haiti Flag SmallHaiti10,413,2110.2%
69Tchad Flag SmallTchad10,329,2080.2%
70Benin Flag SmallBenin10,323,0000.2%
71Conakry Flag SmallGuinea-Conakry10,057,9750.2%
72Sweden Flag SmallSweden9,555,8930.2%
73Dominican Flag SmallDominican Republic9,445,2810.2%
74Urundi Flag SmallUrundi8,749,0000.2%
75Austria Flag SmallAustria8,414,6380.1%
76UAE Flag SmallUnited Arab Emirates8,264,0700.1%
77Honduras Flag SmallHonduras8,249,5740.1%
78Switzerland Flag SmallSwitzerland8,014,0000.1%
79New Zealand Flag SmallNew Zealand7,932,2000.1%
80Yugoslavia Flag SmallYugoslavia7,812,1280.1%
81Togo Flag SmallTogo7,154,2370.1%
82Bulgaria Flag SmallBulgaria7,006,5700.1%
83Paraguay Flag SmallParaguay6,800,2840.1%
84Belarus Flag SmallBelarus6,888,5000.1%
85Ireland Flag SmallIreland6,878,5620.1%
86Slovakia Flag SmallSlovakia6,687,2110.1%
87Israel Flag SmallIsrael6,598,9000.1%
88Somalia Flag SmallSomalia6,585,6380.1%
89Jordan Flag SmallJordan6,508,8870.1%
90Laos Flag SmallLaos6,500,0000.1%
91Palestine Flag SmallPalestine6,274,8130.1%
92Eritria Flag SmallEritria6,233,6820.1%
93El Salvador Flag SmallEl Salvador6,134,0000.1%
94Nicaragua Flag SmallNicaragua6,071,0450.1%
95Finland Flag SmallFinland5,841,8270.1%
96Libya Flag SmallLibya5,670,6880.1%
97Denmark Flag SmallDenmark5,602,5360.1%
98Norway Flag SmallNorway5,063,7090.1%
99Congo Flag SmallCongo4,662,4460.1%
100Costa Rica Flag SmallCosta Rica4,586,3530.1%
101Lebanon Flag SmallLebanon4,456,6900.1%
102CAR Flag SmallCentral African Republic4,422,0000.1%
103Croatia Flag SmallCroatia4,284,8890.1%
104Tibet Flag SmallTibet4,202,1660.1%
105Liberia Flag SmallLiberia4,128,5720.1%
106Bosnia Flag SmallBosnia3,871,6430.1%
107Oman Flag SmallOman3,869,8730.1%
108Puerto Rico Flag SmallPuerto Rico3,706,6900.1%
109Panama Flag SmallPanama3,661,8680.1%
110Mauritania Flag SmallMauritania3,359,1850.1%
111Uruguay Flag SmallUruguay3,318,5350.1%
112Albania Flag SmallAlbania2,821,9770.0%
113Kuwait Flag SmallKuwait2,818,0420.0%
114Latvia Flag SmallLatvia2,217,0530.0%
115Qatar Flag SmallQatar2,144,1010.0%
116Lithuania Flag SmallLithuania2,107,8890.0%
117Namibia Flag SmallNamibia2,100,0000.0%
118Macedonia Flag SmallMacedonia2,058,5390.0%
119Slovenia Flag SmallSlovenia2,055,4960.0%
120Bissau Flag SmallGuinea-Bissau1,647,0000.0%
121Gabon Flag SmallGabon1,475,0000.0%
122Bahrain Flag SmallBahrain1,300,0000.0%
123Estonia Flag SmallEstonia1,286,5400.0%
124Cyprus Flag SmallCyprus1,117,0000.0%
125Timor Flag SmallTimor-Leste1,066,5820.0%
126Djibouti Flag SmallDjibouti810,1790.0%
127Comoros Flag SmallComoros798,0000.0%
128Bhutan Flag SmallBhutan742,7370.0%
129Equatorial Guinea Flag SmallEquatorial Guinea736,2960.0%
130Surinam Flag SmallSurinam566,8460.0%
131Luxembourg Flag SmallLuxembourg537,8530.0%
132Cape Verde Flag SmallCape Verde512,0960.0%
133Malta Flag SmallMalta452,5150.0%
134Iceland Flag SmallIceland325,6710.0%
135STandP Flag SmallSão Tomé and Príncipe187,3560.0%
136Tonga Flag SmallTonga103,0360.0%
137Andorra Flag SmallAndorra85,0820.0%
138Monaco Flag SmallMonaco36,3710.0%
139Liechtenstein Flag SmallLiechtenstein36,2810.0%
140San Marino Flag SmallSan Marino32,5760.0%
141Vatican Flag SmallVatican City8390.0%

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