SVK Leningrad

The SVK Leningrad, the first of the Leningrad-class submarines docked at Leningrad on July 21st, 2011.

The Soviet Navy's Leningrad-class submarine (Russian: Ленинград) is a class designed by the Rubin Design Bureau. A program to develop a "fourth generation" diesel-electric submarine, it aimed to produce a highly improved, much quieter version of the Chita-class with new combat systems and air-independent propulsion.


The lead ship of the class, named Leningrad, was launched in October 2004 and began sea trials in November 2005. The submarine was commissioned into the Russian Navy in April 2010. Another two vessels, Kronstadt and Sevastopol, have also been launched, with plans to launch another seven Leningrad-class submarines in coming years.


  • SVK Leningrad (B-585)
  • SVK Kronstadt (B-586)
  • SVK Sevastopol (B-587)

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