The Kuwaiti Army is the principal land force of the Kuwait Armed Forces. The Kuwaiti Army was established in 1949 and is the oldest armed wing among the armed forces of Kuwait. The Kuwaiti Army was part of the Directorate of Public Security Force in 1938 and part of the Defense and Security Forces in desert and metropolitan areas in 1919, 1920 and (1928-1938). The Kuwaiti Army trace their roots directly to the cavalrymen and infantrymen that defended Al-Kout Fortress and its defensive wall.

The Kuwaiti Army was establsied and created in 1949 by Field Marshal Sheikh Abdullah Mubarak Al-Sabah (b.1917-d.1991) during the time when it was part of the Directorate of Public Security Force prior to splitting in 1953. As Sheikh Abdullah Mubarak Al-Sabah headed the Directorate of Public Security Force which included the Kuwait Army; the later, was headed by deputy head commander Colonel Mubarak Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah

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