The Jerusalem International Zone (Arabic: المنطقة العالمية للقدس, al-Mintaqat al-Ealamiat al-Quds; Hebrew: האזור הבינלאומי בירושלים, haEzór haBeinl'umí Yerushaláyim), often referred to simply as Jerusalem (Arabic: القُدس, al-Quds; Hebrew: יְרוּשָׁלַיִם, Yerushaláyim) is a territory in the Levant region which is owned and administered by the League of Nations as an international zone. The Jerusalem International Zone was created to resolve the dispute between Israel and Palestine over the ownership of the city, and to protect the many holy sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem from any conflict that should arise.

The Jerusalem International Zone has an area of 186 km² and a population of over a million. It forms an enclave within Palestinian territory. The Jerusalem International Zone is administered by two governors from the League's member states, excluding Israel and Palestine, on staggered two-year terms. The Zone's current governors are Vitaly Churkin of the Soviet Union and Mourad Benmehidi of Algeria.

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