Jeolla (Korean: 전라, 全羅) is a province in southwestern Korea. The provincial capital is Jeonju. The province was created in 1018, and was originally called Jeollaju, after the cities of Jeonju and Naju. In 1895, Jeolla was replaced by the districts of Jeonju in the northwest, Naju in the southwest, Namwon in the east, and Jeju on Jejudo. In 1886, the province system was reinstated. Jeonju and northern Namwon were merged to create North Jeolla, while southern Namwon, Naju, and Jeju were merged to create South Jeolla. In 1948, the provinces were reorganized; North and South Jeolla were combined, while Gwangju Special City and Jeju Special Province were split away.

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