HMNZS Stalwart

The Battle-class destroyer HMNZS Stalwart in 1942.

The HMS Stalwart was a Battle-class destroyer in the Royal New Zealand Navy during World War II. In 1942, it was part of a battlegroup including battlecruiser HMS Hood, light cruisers HMS Belfast, HMAS Sydney, and HMNZS Achilles, and a dozen other destroyers belonging to the British, Dutch, Australian, and New Zealand navies. While escorting the recently repaired Dutch destroyers to Surabaya, the Stalwart was sent out to investigate around half dozen unknown contacts heading towards them. The Stalwart soon encountered that the contacts were a battlegroup led by the Japanese dreadnaught Yamato. The Stalwart managed to send a message back to the Hood about the Yamato before it was destroyed.[1]


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