HMCS Fundy (J88)

Canadian minesweeper HMCS Fundy at sea.

The Fundy-class minesweepers were a class of four minesweepers operated by the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War.

The class derives its name from the lead ship HMCS Fundy and are all named after bays in Canada. The Fundy-class minesweepers were modified versions of the British Basset-class trawler minesweepers. The Canadian ships were given extra strengthening for ice conditions. Two were initially assigned to the west coast and two, including Fundy, to the east coast.

Unit RunEdit

  • HMCS Fundy (J88)
  • HMCS Gaspe (J94)
  • HMCS Comox (J64)
  • HMCS Nanoose (J35)

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