The Fremantle-class patrol boats were coastal patrol vessels operated by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) from 1979 to 2007. Designed by British shipbuilder Brooke Marine and constructed in Australia by North Queensland Engineers and Agents, the Fremantle-class were larger, more powerful, and more capable than the preceding Attack-class, and the two primary patrol boat bases required infrastructure upgrades to support them. Although up to 30 vessels were planned, fifteen were ordered and constructed, with an unexercised option for five more.

Their retirement was announced in 2001 and a decommissioning schedule published in 2004. From May 2005 they were replaced by the Armidale-class patrol boats with the last two Fremantles decommissioning in May 2007. Most of the class were scrapped, with two marked for preservation as museum ships. The Fremantle-class has also appeared in two drama television series based on the Royal Australian Navy.

Unit RunEdit

  • HMAS Fremantle (FCPB-203)
  • HMAS Warrnambool (FCPB-204)
  • HMAS Townsville (FCPB-205)
  • HMAS Wollongong (FCPB-206)
  • HMAS Launceston (FCPB-207)
  • HMAS Whylla (FCPB-208)
  • HMAS Ipswich (FCPB-209)
  • HMAS Cessnock (FCPB-210)
  • HMAS Bendigo (FCPB-211)
  • HMAS Gawler (FCPB-212)
  • HMAS Geraldton (FCPB-213)
  • HMAS Dubbo (FCPB-214)
  • HMAS Geelong (FCPB-215)
  • HMAS Gladstone (FCPB-216)
  • HMAS Bunbury (FCPB-217)

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