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MN Vendemiaire

The French frigate MN Vendémiaire (F734) manoeuvering in Papeete harbor on June 23rd, 2003.

The Floréal-class is a type of light "surveillance frigates" designed for the needs of the French Navy in the 1990s, ordered in 1989. They use construction standards of commercial ships. The ships are named after months of the Republican Calendar. A total of fourteen ships were built; twelve for the Marine Nationale and two for the Royal Moroccan Navy.


  • Type: Light Frigate
  • Service Period: 1992-Present
  • Characteristics:
    • Length: 307 feet (93.57 meters)
    • Beam: 46 feet (14.02 meters)
    • Draught: 14 feet (4.27 meters)
    • Displacement: 2,600 tons (Standard); 2,950 tons (Full Load)
  • Crew: 88 (11 officers, 36 NCOs, 42 men)
  • Propulsion: 4 x SEMT Pielstick 6PA6 L280 diesel engines,
  • Range: 13,000 nautical miles (24,076 kilometers) at 12 knots (22.22 km/h)
  • Speed: 20 knots (37.04 km/h)
  • Sensor Suite:
    • DRBV-21C Air Search RDF
    • Racal Decca RM1290 navigation RDF
    • Racal Decca RM1290 landing RDF
  • Countermeasures:
    • ARBG-1A Saïgon
    • Dagaie decoy systems x 2
  • Armament:
    • 1 x 100mm/55-caliber Model 1968 CADAM naval gun
    • 2 x Mistral Simbad Launchers
    • 2 x MM38 Exocet AShM Launchers
    • 2 x 20mm/90 modèle F2 guns
  • Aircraft Carried: 1 x Eurocopter Panther anti-submarine helicopter

Unit RunEdit

Marine NationaleEdit

  • MN Floréal (F730)
  • MN Prairial (F731)
  • MN Nivôse (F732)
  • MN Ventôse (F733)
  • MN Vendémiaire (F734)
  • MN Germinal (F735)
  • MN Frimaire (F736)
  • MN Thermidor (F737)
  • MN Pluviôse (F738)
  • MN Messidor (F739)
  • MN Fructidor (F740)
  • MN Brumaire (F741)

Royal Moroccan NavyEdit

  • Mohammed V
  • Hassan II

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