The Navy of the Dominican Republic or Armada de Republica Dominicana (A.R.D), is one of the three branches of the Military of the Dominican Republic, together with the Army and the Air Force.

Naval BasesEdit

The Navy maintaines several naval stations and detachments, but has two main bases:

  • Base Naval "27 de Febrero", located in the city of Santo Domingo, the Chief of Staff and the Naval Academy "Vice-Admiral Cesar de Windt Lavandier" are located here.
  • Base Naval de Las Calderas, located in Peravia Province, is the largest Naval Base. The Bahia Las Calderas Naval Shipyard (ANABALCA)is located here. This shipyard is responsible for the maintenance of naval units of the fleet, as well as civilian vessels. Military and civilian vessels, such as tugs, boats, barges, pilot boats have also been built at this site.

Dominican Naval Auxiliary CorpsEdit

The Dominican Naval Auxiliary Corps is a civilian force that possesses its own resources to assist in search operations, rescue and environmental protection. This organization was created by the Executive by Decree 887-09 and it is composed of a group of business and professional volunteers.

The organization operates private boats, barges and aircraft made available to the Navy, in order to assist with non-military activities or public order and safety at sea. The Dominican Naval Auxiliary has a presence in the north, northeast, east, south and center of the country.

Naval CommandosEdit

The Naval Commandos are the Special Operations component of the Dominican Navy and are only employed in emergency situations. The Naval Commandos are capable of undertaking unconventional warfare, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, VBSS (Visit Board Search and Seizure) and are experts in handling explosives and amphibious operations. They are also trained in parachuting, hand-to-hand combat, CQC and other key skills. The team's armament includes the Colt C7 rifle with the AG36 grenade launcher, the Colt C8 carbine, Howa Type 64 rifle, FN TPS shotgun, the FN MAG machine gun and small arms. The team operates inflated zodiac boats, RHIBs, and night vision goggles, among other equipment.

Marine Infantry CommandEdit

Raised in 2008 the MIC serves as the youngest arm of service in the Dominican Navy, which is tasked for amphibious and landing operations. One Marine Battalion is of active service as of the present.

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