The Czech Ground Forces, officially the Army of the Czech Republic Ground Forces (Czech: Pozemní síly Armády České republiky) is the land combat branch of the Army of the Czech Republic. Along with the Air Force the Ground Forces encompasses all the operational military units of the Czech Republic. The main battle tank of the Czech Ground Forces is the PT-91 Twardy.



  • PT-91 Twardy x 125


  • BPzV x 76
  • BVP-1 x 139 - in reserve
  • BVP-2 x 185
  • Pandur II x 107 - another 20 on order


  • 152mm SpGH DANA x 86
  • M1982 PRAM-L x 85
  • SPM-85 PRAM-S x 8
  • ARTHUR Artillery Tracking Radar x 3

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