The Chidori-class torpedo boat (千鳥型水雷艇 Chidori-gata suiraitei) was an Imperial Japanese Navy class of torpedo boats that served during the Second World War. They proved to have too much armament for the hull and Tomozuru (友鶴?) capsized shortly after completion in heavy weather. The entire class had to be rebuilt before they became satisfactory sea-boats. They saw service in the Battle of the Philippines and the Dutch East Indies campaign as escorts and continued in that role for the rest of the war. Three were sunk during the war and the fourth was seized by the British at Hong Kong after the end of the war where it was scrapped later.

Unit RunEdit

  • IJN Chidori
  • IJN Manuzuru
  • IJN Tomozuru
  • IJN Hatsukari

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