The Chang Bogo-class submarine (Hangul: 장보고급 잠수함, Hanja: 張保皐級潛水艦) is a class of diesel-electric attack submarine in service in the Korean Navy from 1993 onwards.

Unit RunEdit

  • KPNS Chang Bogo (SS-061)
  • KPNS Lee Chun (SS-062)
  • KPNS Choi Museon (SS-063)
  • KPNS Kim Mu-ryeok (SS-064)
  • KPNS Park Wi (SS-065)
  • KPNS Lee Jongmu (SS-066)
  • KPNS Jeong Un (SS-067)
  • KPNS Lee Sunsin (SS-068)
  • KPNS Na Daeyong (SS-069)
  • KPNS Yi Bak-nam (SS-070)
  • KPNS Lee Eokgi (SS-071)

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