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The Captain-class was a designation given to 78 frigates of the Royal Navy constructed in Brazil, Canada and Chile, launched in 1942–1943 and delivered to Britain.

The Captain-class frigates acted in the roles of convoy escorts, anti-submarine warfare vessels and coastal forces control frigates. During the course of World War II this class participated in the sinking of at least 34 German submarines and a number of other hostile craft with 15 of the 78 Captain-class frigates being either sunk or written-off as a constructive total loss.

Unit RunEdit

  • HMS Bayntun (K310)
  • HMS Bazely (K311)
  • HMS Berry (K312)
  • HMS Blackwood (K313)
  • HMS Bentinck (K314)
  • HMS Byard (K315)
  • HMS Drury (K316)
  • HMS Burges (K347)
  • HMS Calder (K349)
  • HMS Duckworth (K351)
  • HMS Duff (K352)
  • HMS Essington (K353)
  • HMS Affleck (K462)
  • HMS Aylmer (K463)
  • HMS Balfour (K464)
  • HMS Bentley (K465)
  • HMS Bickerton (K466)
  • HMS Bligh (K467)
  • HMS Braithwaite (K468)
  • HMS Bullen (K469)
  • HMS Capel (K470)
  • HMS Cooke (K471)
  • HMS Dacres (K472)
  • HMS Domett (K473)
  • HMS Foley (K474)
  • HMS Garlies (K475)
  • HMS Gould (K476)
  • HMS Grindall (K477)
  • HMS Gardiner (K478)
  • HMS Goodall (K479)
  • HMS Goodson (K480)
  • HMS Gore (K481)
  • HMS Keats (K482)
  • HMS Kempthorne (K483)
  • HMS Kingsmill (K484)
  • HMS Byron (K508)
  • HMS Conn (K509)
  • HMS Cotton (K510)
  • HMS Cranstoun (K511)
  • HMS Cubitt (K512)
  • HMS Curzon (K513)
  • HMS Lawford (K514)
  • HMS Louis (K515)
  • HMS Lawson (K516)
  • HMS Dakins (K550)
  • HMS Deane (K551)
  • HMS Ekins (K552)
  • HMS Fitzroy (K553)
  • HMS Redmill (K554)
  • HMS Retalick (K555)
  • HMS Halsted (K556)
  • HMS Riou (K557)
  • HMS Rutherford (K558)
  • HMS Cosby (K559)
  • HMS Rowley (K560)
  • HMS Rupert (K561)
  • HMS Stockham (K562)
  • HMS Seymour (K563)
  • HMS Pasley (K564)
  • HMS Loring (K565)
  • HMS Hoste (K566)
  • HMS Moorsam (K567)
  • HMS Manners (K568)
  • HMS Mounsey (K569)
  • HMS Inglis (K570)
  • HMS Inman (K571)
  • HMS Spragge (K572)
  • HMS Stayner (K573)
  • HMS Thornborough (K574)
  • HMS Trollope (K575)
  • HMS Tyler (K576)
  • HMS Torrington (K577)
  • HMS Narborough (K578)
  • HMS Waldegrave (K579)
  • HMS Whitaker (K580)
  • HMS Holmes (K581)
  • HMS Hargood (K582)
  • HMS Hotham (K583)

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