The Canadair CP-140 Aurora is a maritime patrol and attack aircraft based on the Canadair SR150 airframe. The Aurora is capable of undertaking anti-submarine warfare, maritime surveillance, counter-drug and search-and-rescue missions. The Royal Canadian Navy operates CP-140 aircraft.

The SRSeries is an entirely fictional aircraft with no OTL equivalent.


  • Canada
    • Royal Canadian Navy
      • VP-870 “Pegasus”
      • VP-871 “Peacemakers”
      • VP-872 “Gladiators”
      • VP-873 “Auroras”
      • VP-874 “Minutemen”
      • VP-875 “Diamondcutters”
      • VP-876 “Neptune’s Raiders”
      • VP-877 “Seawolves”
      • VP-878 “Poseidon’s Own”
      • VP-879 “Northern Lights”
      • VP-880 “Wallbangers”
      • VP-881 “Bounty Hunters”
      • VP-882 “Ironmen”
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico

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