HMS Exmouth (F84)

British frigate HMS Exmouth (F84) underway in 1972.

The Type 14 Blackwood-class were a twelve ship class of "second-rate" anti-submarine warfare frigates of the Royal Navy, designed and built during the increasing threat from the UAPR's large fleet of submarines that roamed the Atlantic Ocean.

Unit RunEdit

Royal NavyEdit

  • HMS Dundas (F48)
  • HMS Grafton (F51)
  • HMS Hardy (F54)
  • HMS Pellew (F62)
  • HMS Blackwood (F78)
  • HMS Duncan (F80)
  • HMS Exmouth (F84)
  • HMS Keppel (F85)
  • HMS Malcom (F88)
  • HMS Murray (F91)
  • HMS Palliser (F94)
  • HMS Russell (F97)

Royal Indian NavyEdit

  • HMS Kirpan (F144)
  • HMS Kuthar (F146)
  • HMS Khukri (F149)

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