Beriev Be-50

A Soviet Beriev A-50 in flight on August 13th, 2011.

The Beriev A-50 is a Soviet-built Airborne early warning and control (AEW) aircraft based on the Ilyushin Il-76 transport. Developed to replace the Tupolev Tu-126, the A-50 first flew in 1978. It entered service in 1984, with forty-four aircraft produced by 1992.


  • Beriev A-50M: Modernized Soviet version with midair refueling capability.
  • Beriev A-50U: Upgraded variant with modern avionics, electronics, and engines.
  • Izdeliye-676: One-off stop-gap telemetry and tracking aircraft.
  • Izdeliye-776: One-off stop-gap telemetry and tracking aircraft.
  • Izdeliye-976 (SKIP): (СКИП – Самолетный Контрольно-Измерительный Пункт, Airborne Check-Measure-and-Control Center) – Il-76 based Range Control and Missile tracking platform. Initially built to support Raduga Kh-55 cruise missile tests. Has fixed RDF cover filled with other equipment and glassed navigator cockpit, (one prototype and five production conversions).
  • Izdeliye-1076: One-off special mission aircraft with unknown duties.
  • Beriev A-50I: Variant with Israeli RDF designed for Manchuria and Shinjang.
  • Beriev A-50A: Variant with Aviadvigatel PS-90 A-76 engines and Israeli EL/W-2090 RDF made for the Arabian Air Force.


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