The Battle of Quebec was a battle which took place in Quebec City in March of 1941, as part of the Quebec Rebellion. The battle began in the early hours of March 18 with the bombing of the Citadelle of Quebec and the takeover of the city by rebels, who declared the independence of the Socialist Republic of Quebec. The Governor General of Canada, The Lord Tweedsmuir, still weak after his stroke in 1940, was killed in the initial bombing. The Royal 22e Régiment, normally stationed in Quebec City, was stationed south of Ottawa at the time, and unable to respond quickly. The rebels controlled the city for several days, until the execution of Jean-Marie-Rodrigue Villeneuve, Cardinal of Quebec, turned public opinion against the rebels. By the 29th of March, the Van Doos, secretly helped by the SAS, had recaptured the city, ending the rebellion.

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