BMS Brandenburg
Country Germany
Service 1980-
Type Invincible-class aircraft carrier
Branch Bundesmarine
Current Status Active
HMS Invincible (R05) Dragon Hammer 90

The BMS Brandenburg (R05) at sea en route to war games exercises.

BMS Brandenburg is an Invincible-class aircraft carrier of the Federal German Navy (Bundesmarine), and the lead ship of her class.

Laid down in 1973 for the Royal Navy as HMS Invincible, she and her sister ship HMS Temeraire were sold to Germany when the Royal Navy decided to build more of the larger King George VI-class instead. (A third Invincible-class, HMS Bellerophon, was sold to West Japan.) At her commissioning, Invincible was renamed BMS Brandenburg.

Both ships are to be replaced by a German-designed Light Carrier by 2020.

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