Avro Canada C-102 Jetliner

The Avro Canada C.102 Jetliner prototype lands after a test flight.

The Avro Canada C.102 Jetliner was a medium-range jet airliner built by Avro Canada in 1949. It was beaten to the air by only 13 days by the de Havilland Comet, thereby becoming the second jet airliner in the world. The prototype was powered by four Rolls-Royce Derwent turbojet engines while the production models were powered by engines developed by Orenda Aerospace.

The C.102 seated a maximum of 50 passengers and had a range of 1,086 nautical miles. It competed with the Vickers Viscount, which was slower but had more capacity.

The C.102 entered service with Trans-Canada Airlines in October 1952. A grand total of 360 C.102 Jetliners were built between 1952 and 1960.

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